Coyle Studios Supports the Foundation

May 6, 2020

May is National Photo Month, and to show their support of Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library, Coyle Studios, our frequent photography partner and sponsor of Taste of the Town, is donating 20% of each sale of a specially commissioned photo during the month of May.

This photograph, titled “Hope,” was taken by John Coyle right before the COVID-19 shut down and serves as a reminder that beauty and hope surround us — even when we are feeling lost and alone. “Trees are strong, enduring, and always growing toward the future,” says John. “They’re always growing upwards and toward something. The title of ‘Hope’ is very fitting in this time. As beat down as we are and as broken as we may feel, we still have a sense of tremendous hope because the trees are growing and blooming.”

When it comes to titling images, John likes to give pieces a name that gives way to reflection. By titling this photograph “Hope,” John wants people to be able to draw out the aspects that make them optimistic and confident. “All art has that level of interpretation,” says John. “The piece could have been titled anything, but this title is given with cause for reflection without bias. ‘Hope’ can come from a number of things — beauty, faith, relationships, and more. The title is irrelevant of my inspirations and reflects the viewer.”

For the month of May, National Photo Month, Coyle Studios will donate 20% of each “Hope” sale to Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library. You will be able to select the organization upon checkout. You can purchase the photograph at Coyle Studios.