Rosedale Federal Donates $25,000

October 11, 2018

The modern library customer looks to our facilities not just for books and materials, but for access to technology, and accommodating and gracious spaces. In response to these expectations, we stay on top of industry and technology trends. That’s why Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library is partnering with Rosedale Federal Savings & Loan to install a laptop bar and a laptop dispensing kiosk at the North Point Branch, thanks to a generous gift of $25,000.

The laptops are WiFi enabled and fully configured with the same operating system and software available on our public desktop computers. Customers check out the laptop by inserting their library card. The kiosk will interact with our account management software to determine if a customer meets the criteria to remove the laptop from the kiosk and use it in the library. Laptops are equipped with LoJack tracking equipment, so that the customer can only use the laptop within the confines of the branch. Customers save their work to cloud storage or via a USB drive. Once the laptop is returned to the dispenser, the memory is wiped and the laptop re-charged.

The laptop bar is increasingly a popular option throughout many of our branches. It seats up to six people on each side and has enough electrical outlets for each user. Customers enjoy the ability to charge their devices as they work. They also appreciate the ability to work collaboratively, side-by-side, if necessary.

Rosedale Federal is a part of The All In Crowd. Are you?